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Updated July 2021: Please select (show all) above to expand this section above for important information as ClassFinder has changed and important updates have been made that may affect your course selection.

  • The terms below directly correspond to terms used in ClassFinder and provide additional explanations.
  • When searching for courses, select “All Campuses” or select your campus and also include “Online” in your search as many courses have an “Online” option this fall and winter to accommodate students that may not be able to make it to campus.
  • If you have any questions about how a course is delivered, you can email the instructor/professor directly to inquire or email the portfolio office (School of Business; Science, Technology and Health; or Arts and Foundational). Search for contact information in the People Directory.


Kelowna, Penticton, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm or Vernon

This course or section is delivered at one of the College’s campuses or a specified off-site location. It is a traditional face-to-face college course or for example a lab that is part of a course. We will respect WorkSafeBC, the Public Health Officer and provincial guidelines to ensure a safe situation for all concerned.

Online Learning is both student and professor/instructor directed, with professors/instructors usually providing instruction during the regularly scheduled class time (synchronous). Some online courses are offered without regularly scheduled class times (asynchronous) but the professor/instructor is usually available and has online office hours. The more you engage, the greater the connections you will have with the learning, your classmates, and your professor/instructor. See more below on class delivery options.

Distance Mainly self-directed (asynchronous) delivery. The expectation is that students engage in learning under their own direction and there are very few, if any, assignments completed with peers; the majority of learning and assignment work is self-directed and completed on an individual basis. Scheduled time online is not required. Tutors are available to offer clarification and answer questions for support. Tutors do not provide direct instruction on the content.

Building and rooms:

Building and room are specified The course or section will require you to attend in person. When offered in a face-to-face format, we will respect WorkSafeBC, Public Health Officer and provincial guidelines to ensure a safe situation for all concerned.

ONLINE The course is delivered online with no requirement to come to a campus. However, if the course includes a lab or seminar, it may be delivered on campus and only the corresponding lecture will be online.


If a time is specified, you should be prepared to be available at that time. If the course is online, you will attend virtually. If a campus is indicated, you are expected to attend on campus at that time.

Delivery method:

Some section notes will refer to the course being run synchronously, asynchronously, hybrid or blended.

Face-to-face classes are delivered in-person.

Online synchronous classes are like traditional on-campus classes where students must be in the class (virtually) at specific time. Synchronous classes are delivered and taken in real-time or “live” (virtually) and the time will be indicated in ClassFinder.

Online asynchronous classes don’t require that students log into the class and meet at specific times. Students can access class materials anytime and the class is specifically developed to allow a high level of interaction with the course materials along with regular professor/instructor interaction.

Blended courses are simultaneous face-to-face and online synchronous class delivery.

Hybrid classes alternate classes between face-to-face and synchronous delivery, or face-to-face and asynchronous delivery: the entire class meets for face-to-face sessions and the entire class is online for synchronous delivery with at least one session of each mode each week.

Course section notes:

Some sections include notes that tell you more about this section such as if sessions will be recorded or if a section is a combination of online and in-person learning. Not all departments added this information to their courses but if you see a note, read it carefully as it often contains important information.

Restrictions have red text below the section notes. You may only register for the class if you are in the program, for example, that is listed in the red text. Some restrictions may be removed closer to start of term.


The schedule is subject to change and you should regularly check for changes in ClassFinder and/or view the schedule in your myOkanagan account.

ClassFinder is provided to the public for information and to students to assist in pre-planning for registration. The entries made in ClassFinder are not connected to the actual course registration process. This information is subject to change.

Please contact Student Services if you need help with course planning. For Continuing Studies courses, please use the Continuing Studies ClassFinder.

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